Water For Coffee: Global Distributors

Water For Coffee is presently printed in the UK in small batches, where the book then ships from a nearby distribution company.  Besides purchasing the book from us directly, you can obtain it potentially more locally at any of the following retailers.  

Of course, we are always interested in wholesale.  If you are interested in stocking the book shoot us an email!


Prufrock (UK)

CoffeeHit (UK)

Square Mile (UK)

Has Bean (UK)

SCAE Member's Store (UK)

Caffeartigiano (Taiwan)

Golden Fruit (Poland)

Mano a Mano (Australia)

Hershey's Caffettiera (Hong Kong)

Ryan's Coffee Roasters (South Korea)

Quijote Kaffee (Germany)

3FE (Ireland)

Joe Coffee (USA)

The Barn (Germany)

Eight Ounce Coffee (Canada)